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Over the past decade, society has seen tremendous improvement in overall child health, wellbeing and survival across the globe. These improvements can be attributed to the development of unique and specialized approaches to caring for children as they pass through critical periods of development. Our program is structured to empower aspiring innovators across disciplines to hone their skills, learn something new and develop their network. Ultimately, we hope to enable innovation in child health across the full continuum of care so that children can focus on what they do best: play, learn and grow.

How it works:

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The competition collects real world challenges faced by health professionals, patients, and caregivers and presents them to a pool of aspiring innovators and expert mentors. Next, we facilitate the formation of multidisciplinary teams and support them as they work to develop an innovative solution. Teams have 6 weeks to develop their solution design before the Health Hack Weekend, when you’ll have 72 hours to develop a functional prototype that addresses the challenge. At Demo Day, solutions and teams will be evaluated by a panel of judges and compete for $35 000 in awards.


The 2019 Health Hack Competition is presented by Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation!

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The 2019 Health Hack Competition is the nexus for Calgary’s early-stage innovations in the healthcare ecosystem. The structure offers many ways to get involved, regardless of where you are in your career or your educational background. Medical doctors, nurses, caregivers, and patients are encouraged to submit challenges to the competition. Students, particularly those in scientific, engineering, and business backgrounds are encouraged to apply as innovators. We welcome individuals with extensive experience in a number of areas to become mentors and support teams during the program.

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