We are proud to announce Child Health & Wellness as the theme for the 2019 Health Hack Competition!

Over the past decade, society has seen tremendous improvement in overall child health, wellbeing and survival across the globe. These improvements can be attributed to the development of unique and specialized approaches to caring for children as they pass through critical periods of development. Our program is structured to empower aspiring innovators across disciplines to hone their skills, learn something new and develop their network. Ultimately, we hope to enable innovation in child health across the full continuum of care so that children can focus on what they do best: play, learn and grow.

How it works

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The competition collects real world challenges faced by health professionals, patients, and caregivers and presents them to a pool of aspiring innovators and expert mentors. Next, we facilitate the formation of multidisciplinary teams and support them as they work to develop an innovative solution.


We need technically proficient individuals to address the real-world challenges in : During the 2019 Health Hack Competition program, you will:

• Work with a multidisciplinary team and one of our ‘challenge champions’ over 6 weeks,

• Address a specific problem that interests you,

• Apply your knowledge and learn new skills,

• Collaborate with individuals outside your field,

• Work towards potential commercial or academic impact


The 2019 Health Hack Competition aims to bridge disciplinary divides, address challenges in care from maternal and child health to youth wellness, and accelerate the translation of research to impact. The program will collect challenges from investigators and healthcare professionals (i.e. clinicians, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, researchers and more) that focus on improving child health research and care. The following are examples of the challenges that will be invited:

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Global Health

Global Health refers to maternal, child and adolescent care in an international and interdisciplinary context. Challenges in this area focus improving health and care equity for populations worldwide. This can include topics such as epidemiology, sociology, economic disparities, public policy and implementation and scaling of care

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Big Data

Apply advanced statistical methods and machine learning approaches to extract valuable insights from large datasets, integrate a variety of data for a more complete view of patient or population health, and identify new interventions in the clinic. Big data technology can be applied to areas such as genomics, molecular research, medical imaging, population health, diagnostics and precision healthcare.

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Care Transformation

Leverage your expertise in child care and research (i.e. hospitals, rehabilitation or research centres) to develop novel diagnostic or therapeutic tools with a team of engineers and business professionals. Improve patient experiences faced in your practice or barriers to scaling in industry.

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Research Impact

Development and implementation of custom hardware or software solutions to support methods for collecting and/or analyzing data in your research.

The deadline to submit a challenge is September 22, 2019.


Our program wouldn't exist without the insight from advisors and mentors who bring expertise from their field. We value your knowledge and experience, and know our innovator teams will too. Sign up by Friday, September 22.


Once you sign up to be a mentor we'll add you to our private mentor list. During the competition, Innovator teams will identify areas of weakness and make a request for an advisor or expert in specific fields. We’ll then connect you with those teams that are seeking your expertise over e-mail. We will budget 1 hour per week per team, so you will be asked to mentor only up to the time you can give.


As much or as little time as you would like to contribute. We anticipate most teams will ask for only a few hours of your time to ask questions and get your feedback in person or over the phone. If ever you indicate you're unavailable or would no longer like to mentor we'll take you off our list.


Interested in partnering with us? Check out our partnership packages or contact Faizan at director@healthhackcompetition.com


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What are the dates for this program?

The 2019 Health Hack Competition unfolds over 6 weeks, and consists 5 key events:

September 29 Tech Tent: A symposium on emerging technologies like 3D printing, augmented reality and machine learning are being used to improve healthcare

October 11 Innovator Icebreaker: A casual night of networking with fellow participants.
October 12 Pitch Day: Learn about challenges first-hand from neuroscientists, clinicians, and mental health professionals. After Pitch Day, you and your team will have 6 weeks to understand the problem, design a solution, and develop a build plan for a functional prototype.

November 22-24 Health Hack Weekend: Implement your solution within 72 hours. Access to a broad range of rapid prototyping tools will be provided.

November 25 Demo Day: Showcase your solution to the community and compete for awards.

What are the eligibility criteria for innovators?

The 2019 Health Hack Competition is a multidisciplinary design competition open to anyone studying at, or that holds a certification from, a post-secondary education institution.

If you were trained in medicine or the life sciences: your experience in the lab, clinic, or community will help shape the critical early stages of design to ensure relevance to the biological problem or human health impact.

If you hail from an engineering or hard science background: your programming, app development, mechanical and electrical design skills will be highly relevant to the challenges posed.

I’m unavailable for some of the key events of the program. Can I still participate as an Innovator?

Absolutely! We recognize that our participants will have different schedules. Missing an event, or a day of the Health Hack Weekend should not disrupt your experience too badly so long as you coordinate with your team.

An exception to this rule is Pitch Day. We strongly recommend that you make every effort to attend this as it’s when you’ll learn about challenges and form a team. Being able to meet with the prospective team members will help you get the most out of the program. If you cannot attend Pitch Day, however, we’ll add you to a ‘Free Agents’ list, so that smaller/underskilled teams that form can recruit you in the first week of the program.


Faizan Malik  Executive Director

Faizan Malik

Executive Director

Thomas Lijnse  Co-Director, Technology

Thomas Lijnse

Co-Director, Technology

Kathryn Simone  Director, Marketing

Kathryn Simone

Director, Marketing

Kristina Komarek  Director, Branding

Kristina Komarek

Director, Branding

Will Wilson  Director, Internal Communications

Will Wilson

Director, Internal Communications

Pauline de Jesus  Co-Director, Operations

Pauline de Jesus

Co-Director, Operations

Dion Kelly  Co-Director, Operations

Dion Kelly

Co-Director, Operations

Jeremy Braun  Co-Director, Translation

Jeremy Braun

Co-Director, Translation

Sam Baglot  Director, Judging and Awards

Sam Baglot

Director, Judging and Awards


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