Do you want to run the

2019 Health Hack Competition at U of C?


Innovation 4 Health is partnering with academic leaders at the University of Calgary for the 2019 Health Hack Competition and seeking motivated student organizers like you to help.

The Health Hack Competition occurs in the Fall semester every year, usually kicking off in mid-October and closing in late November. The organizer cycle will run for one year with planning beginning in mid-May 2019, and wrap up and transition concluding in mid-May 2020.


  • Meet and work with key industry, community, and academic leaders

  • Be part of a movement to disrupt mindsets on innovation in health

  • Learn how to organize a complex, large-scale event

  • Be recognized as a leader in a growing community of health innovators

  • Gain and practice valuable soft skills not taught in course-based educations

  • Build connections with students across faculties

SUPPORT for the organizing team

  • Thorough documentation and materials for organizer tasks and procedures (1500+ documents)

  • Support from past I4H Health Hack Competition organizers and volunteers (3-5 hrs/month)

  • Access to Innovation 4 Health’s mailing lists, online community, and social media presence (1250+ individuals)

  • Website, email, and domain hosting

  • Mentorship from an internal academic advising committee

Role description

The Health Hack Competition is planned and run by a team of organizers. The organizing team shapes the event, selecting a date, a theme, and identifying and building relationships with strategic partners. The organizers raise funds, secure other partnerships, recruit challenges, innovators, mentors, and plan and promote all events.

The amount of time commitment in any one role varies, but can demand up to 20 hrs per week during some weeks. The executive lead should plan to spend 20 hrs/week for all phases of the project, as they will become the main point of contact between I4H and the institution partners. For more information, please refer to the Detailed Role descriptions below.


To apply, complete the online application form below. Completed applications must be received by 11:59 pm May 17, 2019.

APPLICATIONS FROM TEAMS: Team applications should be submitted by the applying Executive Lead for the proposed team. List all prospective team members, their proposed roles, and email addresses.

APPLICATIONS FROM INDIVIDUALS: We accept applications from individuals as well. Please identify which role(s) you are interested in, and include reasoning as to why in the application.

Please contact Danielle at should you have any questions.

Applicant Name *
Applicant Name
What role are you most interested in? *
Please select all that apply. The Executive Lead position is the main contact for the project and is responsible for recruiting a full team.
If this is a team application, briefly describe each team member's relevant skills and interests, and how they help them fill their role. You do NOT need to have all team positions filled in order to apply. If your application is successful, I4H will work with you to supplement your team from its own network of volunteers.
Please discuss a proposed theme and satellite events, potential partnerships and sources of funding, and other aspects of your vision for the program.

Detailed role descriptions

Executive Lead: Ultimately responsible for the strategy and execution of the event. Responsibilities include but are not limited to acting as the point of contact between I4H and the advisory committee; recruits their organizing team, manages the project timeline, chairs meetings. Also assumes fundraising responsibilities: Networks with potential funders and partners, keeps funders and partners updated. Manages budget, reimbursements, accounting. Passes contacts to External comms team for promotion.

Time commitment: 15 hrs/week

Challenge Recruitment: This role involves building relationships with clinicians/researchers/industry to recruit challenges for the competition. This will involve generating target lists for challenges, outreach by phone/email, coffee chats, answering follow-up questions, and finding a suitable time to deliver the challenge pitch. The ideal person for this role is outgoing/extraverted with excellent existing connections with clinicians/researchers/industry, and has excellent written and oral communication skills. After pitch day, the activities for this role should taper down to zero.

Time commitment: 15 hrs/week during recruitment period (May - mid-October)

Innovator recruitment: This role involves building relationships with skilled post-secondary students for recruitment as participants for the competition. This will involve generating content with the design lead, identifying channels for promotion (e.g. mailing lists), delivering group presentations (such as class talks). The ideal person for this role understands the program and believes in the merit of participating, as well as understands the critical technical competencies needed for the projects.

Time commitment: 15 hrs/week during recruitment period (May - mid-October)

Events + Logistics: This role involves leading the discussion for the vision and structure of the events (agenda), detailed planning and execution of events (food/refreshments, volunteers, audiovisual, furniture), and management of registration for each event.

Time commitment: 5 hrs/week leading up to and during program (August - late November)

Design: Develop event branding and adapt graphic design templates for promotional purposes.  

Time commitment: 10 hrs/week during planning period and program (May - late November)

Marketing: This role owns the marketing strategy, and manages campaigns across social media, website, local media, partnership promotions. This individual works with challenge and innovator recruitment to ensure consistent messaging between the two groups.

Time commitment: 5 hrs/week during planning period and program (May - late November)

Internal Communications: This role manages all communications to participants during the program, including weekly emails to all participants, overseeing the participant Slack channel, and responding to or relaying any questions. This person generates and maintains lists of participants, and recruits a small team who can act as 'points of contact' for each team during the program. Compiles the “program handbook“. Takes minutes at all organizing team meetings.

Time commitment: 5 hrs/week during program (May - late November)

Technology + Education: Identify and develop essential infrastructure (technology, resources, workshops) necessary for health hack weekend and 6 week project development.

Time commitment: 15 hrs/week leading up to and during program (August - late November)

Translation: This role focuses on finding opportunities for innovators to continue their project and growing their network. Includes mentor recruitment and matching, judge recruitment, identifying, securing and disbursing awards (both in-kind and cash).

Time commitment: 10 hrs/week during and after the program (September - May)