Do you want to run the

2019 Health Hack Competition at U of C?

Innovation 4 Health is partnering with academic leaders at the University of Calgary for the 2019 Health Hack Competition, and seeking motivated student organizers like you to help.

Why you should get involved

  • Meet and work with key industry and academic leaders

  • Learn how to organize a complex, large-scale events

  • Be recognized as a leader in a growing community of health innovators

  • Gain and practice valuable soft skills not taught in course-based educations

  • Build connections with students cross campus/faculty

What help you will get

  • Mentorship from an academic advising committee

  • Support from past I4H Health Hack Competition organizers and volunteers

  • Documentation outlining and facilitating your roles, tasks and procedures.

Role description

The Health Hack Competition is planned and run by a team of organizers. The organizers raise funds, secure other partnerships, recruit challenges and innovators, and plan all events. The amount of time commitment in any one role varies, but can demand up to 20 hrs per week during some weeks. The executive lead should plan to spend 20 hrs/week for all phases of the project, as they will become the main point of contact betwen I4H and the institution partners.

For more information, check out detailed role descriptions.


To apply, complete the online application form below, either as an individual or as a team. Completed applications must be received by 11:59 pm April 26.

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Applicant Name
What role are you most interested in?
Please select all that apply. The Executive Lead position is the main contact for the project and is responsible for recruiting a full team.
If this is a team application, briefly describe each team member's relevant skills and interests, and how they help them fill their role.
Please discuss a proposed theme, potential partnerships, satellite events, and other aspects of your vision for the event.