Any questions? Here are some common ones with their answers.

What is a makeathon?

A "makeathons" is an event that pulls together skilled individuals with diverse backgrounds to collaborate and come up with solutions for real-world problems in a short period of time. Our focus is on healthcare challenges, but there are many other makeathon theme out there, and we encourage you to explore them all.

Who can participate as an innovator?

We welcome anyone with an interest for innovation to apply! You do not have to be a student to apply, we strive to foster a collaborative and multifaceted community of innovators.

Do I need to be an engineer, computer scientist, or medical student to participate?

No. We're looking for anyone with a skill (classroom or self-taught) that they can bring to a team. Spaces may be limited depending on the number of applicants, so please be sure to tell us all about your skills when you apply.

What are medical challenges?

Anything that is related to work in a medical field or requires medical devices and solutions.

Who can submit challenges?

Anyone can submit a challenge. If you have a problem related to human or vetrinary healthcare please submit it and we'll get in touch! You do not have to be a medical professional to see a real-world opportunity.

Can I submit a challenge and also participate as an innovator?

Absolutely! We strongly encourage our challenge-knowers to be involved throughout the program.

Do I need to prepare for the Health Hack Competition?

There will be some preparation and planning required from you and your team. Once you've formed a team around a challenge we will give you weekly "assignments" to complete to ensure you are prepared for the event. This will include things like setting a schedule and roles among team members, ordering materials, and consulting with mentors.

What should I bring to the Health Hack Competition?

What you will need to bring will depend on your team's design plan. We will provide you a list of resources that will be available during the weekend. We also suggest you bring comfortable clothing and a water bottle. Food and coffee will be provided throughout the weekend.

How will innovator teams be formed?

Innovator teams will be formed during the Challenge Pitch event. After all the challenges have been pitched the floor will be open for innovators and challenge-knowers to mingle and ask each other questions. During this time you will be able to form a team and pick the challenge you wish to work on.

What is the cost to participate?

There is no cost to attend our first two events (the Innovation Icebreaker and Challenge Pitch), but we do ask all innovators for a small fee of $20 if they wish to participate in the final Health Hack Competition.

Are there prizes for innovator teams?

Yes! The top teams will be awarded prizes that are intended to progress your design further and set you up for success. This could include resources, maker-space memberships, entrepreneurship courses, internships, mentorship, or seed funding. We will work with the top teams to determine the best award set-up for them.

Who will have ownership of any intellectual property (IP)?

As our aim is to facilitate the collaboration between innovators and medical professionals, Innovation 4 Health will not take ownership of any IP developed during its events. At Challenge Pitches, the medical professionals will outline their needs for IP (if they have any), and innovators are then free to form teams that are most aligned with their goals. During the program, we recommend that the team keeps this dialogue open, especially if the project involves inventions that can be protected. I4H maintains a roster of mentors specializing in IP that can be consulted on specific issues.

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