Entries for Health Impact ROADMAP

The Health Hack Competition provides a platform for young innovators to come together and apply their technical skills and knowledge to solve a real-world medical challenge. After the competition, however, teams are overwhelmed by the number of competitions, programming, and services that are out there. We’re seeking input from you, an ecosystem partner, to map local programming and services so that development teams can better leverage what’s available.

Please fill out the short form below to have your organization featured in our “Health Impact Roadmap”. We’ll compile the document into a highly accessible format and provide it in a timely manner to our cohort: booklets will be distributed to program participants on Demo Day on November 26th (the last day of the 2018 program). Please send your organization’s logo (high-quality, transparent background) to translation@innovation4health.com for inclusion in the guide.

Deadline for entries is Monday, November 19th.

We've extended the deadline for entries till Wednesday, November 21st.


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