New Resource distributed to 2018 Health Hack Competition Participants

I4H has developed a new resource for the health innovation community. Together with nine community partners, the Health Impact Roadmap contains comprehensive information about existing programming and services in Calgary for tech entrepreneurs.

The resource aims to guide individuals and teams towards the most helpful programming, services, and communities. We hope that this information is extremely helpful to our cohort so that they can make the most of the functional prototypes that have been developed from any of the Health Hack Competitions.

The Roadmap provides information on what each organization does, how innovators can get involved, and any restrictions that may apply. Participants include MITACS, Lighthouse Labs, W21C, We-TRAC CREATE Training Program, Creative Destruction Lab, BioAlberta, Infusion Coworking, TEC Edmonton Health Accelerator and Falling Wall Labs.

Read the resource for yourself here.