2018 Competition Overview

Theme: Diagnostics and Monitoring

Innovation 4 Health is a University of Calgary-endorsed hackathon program focusing on catalyzing innovation in human and veterinary healthcare. The hackathon mobilizes multidisciplinary teams of students of engineering, science, nursing, business, and medicine to develop functional prototypes that address medical challenges. Sign up now to innovate or submit a challenge for the 2018 competition!



How Does it Work?


Innovation 4 Health works with healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers to identify challenges that arise during their real-world experiences. These challenges are then pitched to aspiring innovators, and teams are formed for each challenge based on skills and interests. Teams are connected with relevant mentorship expertise and receive constant feedback from the medical professional. Solutions for these challenges are then designed and tested by innovator teams during our final event, the 72-hour Health Hack Weekend. Anyone with an interest in collaboration and innovation can participate.

The 2018 Health Hack Competition consists of four events occurring fall 2018:


Innovator Icebreaker: Thursday, October 11 2018

Innovators and challenge identifiers get to know each other in a relaxed setting during an evening of talks from featured guest speakers and by participating in icebreaker activities. 

Challenge Pitches & team formation: Friday, October 12 2018

Challenges are presented by the challenge-knower, and innovators have the opportunity to ask questions about each of the challenges. Innovators can come as groups or solo and select which challenge they would like to address. By the end of the day teams will be formed around each challenge and will begin preparing for the Health Hack Weekend.

Health Hack Weekend: FRiday, November 23 - sunday, November 25, 2018

At this point, the teams will have had 6 weeks to prepare design plans and order materials for this event with the guidance of mentors, volunteers, and their challenge-knower. The program then culminates in a 72-hour 'make-a-thon' style event where functional prototypes are created. Teams are given access to rapid prototyping facilities at the University of Calgary to build, test, and iterate on their designed solution over the weekend.

Demo Day, November 26, 2018

Innovator teams showcase their solutions and prototypes to the public and compete for awards. Awards will be presented to the top teams and resources to take the design further will be offered.

Know of a challenge in related to diagnostics and monitoring?

I4H relies on experienced and practicing clinicians, surgeons, therapists, patients, and their families to identify barriers to wellness in the hospital and at home. These barriers may be relate to the ability to monitor your wellness at-home, access to rapid, reliable diagnostics in an emergency setting, or even development training tools to help emerging practitioners build the skills necessary to conduct reliable diagnostic tests.

Ready to solve challenges in healthcare?

I4H innovators work alongside clinicians and patients as part of a multidisciplinary team to address inefficiencies and barriers to wellness in healthcare. During the Health Hack Weekend, you'll have access to prototyping facilities, laboratory space, and a small budget to help you design and prototype practical solutions. Additionally, we'll pair you up with industry and academic mentors to help offer guidance as you develop your design. Sign up to our mailing list to get updates on application timeline!

Seasoned academic, industry veteran, or healthcare entrepreneur?

Your unique experience and insight might be highly valuable to the success of multiple projects. Our teams of innovators rely on mentorship from experienced individuals in academia and industry to guide the development of translatable solutions. If you would like to find out more about what a role as a mentor involves please contact us.