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I4H is now accepting applications for 2025 competition organizers!

Team 7 Seniorly.AI Best Overall 2022.png


Best Overall

Our challenge was to reduce the number of preventable transfers from long-term care homes to the ER. Our solution was a machine learning model that users accessed through a web application that determined whether a transfer was necessary or not by predicting whether the patient would be discharged or admitted into a unit at the hospital. This would allow physicians, nurses, and general practitioners to make better decisions in regards to transferring patients from long-term care homes to the ER. By reducing the number of unnecessary transfers to the ER, there are less transport and health-related complications for patients, unnecessary costs on the healthcare system, and ER crowding.

Challenge Champion: Poonam Sehgal & Sats Sehgal

Michael Wang, Amna Adnan, Kennedy Romick, Pujarati Roy, Paresh Mungara

People's Choice

Care My Way

Challenge Champions: Alice Lam & Stephanie Chipeur

Adriana Martinez, Cecilia Xu, Hannah Zhao, Forest Park

Team 4 Care My Way People's Choice Award 2022.png

Healthcare Systems

Best in Category


Gaitonomics is a biotechnology company facilitating the ongoing effort in preventative medicine, by creating a robust and effective real time prognostic tools that can help save lives. We aim to bridge the gap between secondary and primary care for a strong healthcare system.

Challenge Champions: Munib Ali and Dr. Selim Khan

Ali Siddiqui, Reeshad Masroor, Naveed Aria

Team 5 Procidensa Best in Category Healthcare Systems 2022.png

Healthcare Platforms

Best in Category

Senior Care 360

Challenge Champions: Dr. Mukarram Zaidi

Huda Wazir, Rydhm Kaur, Aiman Zaheen, Ayesha Kamran, Rabia Salman, Shiza Faizal

Team 9 Senior Care 360 Best in Category Healthcare Platforms 2022.png

Healthcare Devices

Best in Category

DH² (Driver Health Hub)

Driver Health Hub (DH²) is an inexpensive driving app designed for the aging population with a pre-existing medical condition(s), such as heart disease, to monitor their health through wearable and vehicle sensors. Recognizing and responding to medical emergencies quickly saves minutes that saves lives.

Challenge Champion: Chantelle Anderson

Ruina Bao, Khoa Ngyuen, Gurmol Singh, Mirza Beg, Harveen Saini, Vidhy Patel

Driver Health Hub (DH^2) Team 3 Best in Category Healthcare Devices 2022.jpg

Our Mission

To be the catalyst for healthcare innovation through collaboration between stakeholders in healthcare. Our mission is to bridge the gap between innovators, healthcare professionals, and healthcare users so that innovative ideas can emerge. We accomplish this by bringing together multidisciplinary innovators to form teams around real-world healthcare challenges, then facilitate the development of working solutions through a fast-paced makeathon event.

"Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go."

— Steven Jeffes

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