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Our Partners


Biomedical Engineering at UCalgary drives innovations that are saving lives and revolutionizing health care for Canadians, with training and research initiatives led out of a new Department in the Schulich School of Engineering. Researchers in the University-wide Engineering Solutions for Health: Biomedical Engineering research strategy, focus on human mobility, health monitoring, advanced biomedical imaging, precision biodiagnostics, regenerative medicine and novel medical technologies. Biomedical Engineering supports training at the undergraduate and graduate levels, helps build partnerships with industry, and sponsors the biennial i4H and Neuro Nexus health hackathons.

GSA Quality Money

The Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) of the University of Calgary is committed to enhancing the student experience. Quality Money initiatives and grants are one way that the GSA returns to the student community. Emphasis is placed upon proposals which impact the majority of students, promote multidisciplinary interactions, and integrate
sustainable initiatives.


Mitacs empowers Canadian innovation through effective partnerships that deliver solutions to our most pressing problems. By driving economic growth and productivity, we create meaningful change to improve quality of life for all Canadians. We build a world-class, diverse community of innovators through our collaborative model, attracting and deploying top talent to industry, and matching need with expertise to create ambitious solutions to real-world challenges. We are passionate about developing the next generation of researchers who will work to fuel Canada’s knowledge-based economy.

Platform Calgary

Platform Calgary brings together the resources of Calgary's tech ecosystem to help startups launch and grow at every step of their journey, from ideation through to scale. We focus on making all parts of Calgary’s startup ecosystem better resourced, connected, efficient, effective, and prominent.

Through collaboration and targeted programming within a purpose-built home for innovators—the Platform Innovation Centre—we are a hub for a community focused on inclusive tech-led economic diversification and job creation.

U of C Hunter Hub

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is engaging students, faculty, staff, and the community with entrepreneurial thinking and innovation — placing it at the forefront of teaching and innovation discovery. Created with a transformational gift from the Hunter Family Foundation in 2017, the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is UCalgary’s community innovation hub that transforms lives and economies through fostering entrepreneurial thinking in students, faculty, and the community.


GARMIN brings GPS navigation and wearable technology to the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets. Every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

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