Do you have a healthcare related challenge?

If you have a challenge and would like to find a multidisciplinary team of innovators to help solve, then submit it here! Any healthcare challenge that you believe technology can help solve is welcome in our program. We welcome challenges from doctors, nurses, patient experts, caregivers, healthcare administrators and entrepreneurs, as well as community and industry professionals. Participants that provide challenges for the competition will be referred to as challenge champions.

How does the program work?

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The 2019 Health Hack Competition is a 6-week long multidisciplinary design competition that unfolds over 4 key events this Fall. Tech Tent kicks off the program on October 9 with a unique networking opportunity and celebration of emerging technologies and their applications to healthcare. At Pitch Day on October 12, you’ll pitch the challenge you face in your practice or business, and inspire a team to address the challenge with technology. Teams will then have 6 weeks to formulate an approach to the problem and design a solution until the Health Hack Weekend (hosted this year by Schulich Makers’ Multiplex November 22-24) when they will implement a functional prototype. Teams will showcase their solutions to the community and compete for awards at Demo Day on November 25.

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Check out some of these examples from our past 3 events to help spark and articulate your idea:

2019 challenge categories

We are accepting challenges that align with one or more of these themes in Child Health and Wellness:

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Research Impact

Development and implementation of custom hardware or software solutions to support methods for collecting and/or analyzing data in your research.

Care Transformation

Leverage your expertise in child care and research (i.e. hospitals, rehabilitation or research centres) to develop novel diagnostic or therapeutic tools with a team of engineers and business professionals. Improve patient experiences faced in your practice or barriers to scaling in industry.

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Big Data

Apply advanced statistical methods and machine learning approaches to extract valuable insights from large datasets, integrate a variety of data for a more complete view of patient or population health, and identify new interventions in the clinic. Big data technology can be applied to areas such as genomics, molecular research, medical imaging, population health, diagnostics and precision healthcare.

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Global Health

Refers to maternal, child and adolescent care in an international and interdisciplinary context. Challenges in this area focus improving health and care equity for populations worldwide. This can include topics such as epidemiology, sociology, economic disparities, public policy and implementation and scaling of care

Maternal Health

While motherhood is often a positive and fulfilling experience, for too many women it is associated with suffering, ill-health and even death (source: WHO). Challenges in this area focus on driving innovation in obstetrics and gynaecology for pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-partum period.

Please fill out the brief form below to submit one or more challenges. We will follow up with you after receiving your submission to find out more and keep you in the loop on the next competition or opportunities to connect with innovators.

Deadline to submit is 30 September for those based in Calgary. Outside of Calgary, the deadline is 16 September. Please note that challenges will be subjected to an internal vetting process to check for feasibility, fit to theme, and positioning for impact. We will contact you after the deadline to discuss details of your involvement at Pitch Day.