Innovation 4 Health is a catalyst for innovation. There are many challenges out there just waiting to be solved, but often healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients do not have the resources, expertise, or time to address them. On the other hand, there are many skilled individuals that are eager to innovate, but don't know where to start. Our mission is to connect innovators with real-world challenges in human and veterinary healthcare to address inefficiencies and barriers to wellness for all.

The annual Health Hack Competition is I4H's flagship program that occurs at the University of Calgary, typically in the Fall semester. Focusing on a different theme each year, it brings multidisciplinary teams together with healthcare expertise and empowers them with mentorship and rapid prototyping facilities to address challenges in healthcare with technology solutions. 

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Neuro Nexus

We’re pleased to announce Neuro Nexus: the first grassroots-organized program based on our Health Hack Competition!

Coming this Spring, Neuro Nexus is currently accepting challenges in the study of the brain, the treatment of neurological disorders and mental health conditions. They are also seeking individuals from medicine, life sciences, business, physics, computer science, math, engineering, nursing, and biological sciences to work with a team to solve these problems. Apply by March 22.