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Diagnostics & Monitoring

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Efficient and deliberate allocation of Emergency Department resources is contingent on the ability of ED managers to identify specific bottlenecks, both in terms of impact and timing in a useful and actionable manner, allowing the re-organization or activation of resources that can mitigate Emergency Department wait-times. EDABD (Emergency Department Access-block Dashboard) utilizes existing IT infrastructure, and a host of collected clinical metrics and operational time-stamps to monitor emergency department overcrowding in real-time and over historical time-windows. Our application monitors wait-times at each stage of patient processing in order to pinpoint the cause and contribution of each unique source of delay.

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Dental health has major implications for equine welfare, performance, and general well-being. However, lack of affordable equipment makes imaging the equine mouth impossible for many practitioners, resulting in painful conditions that go unnoticed and untreated. At Equisight, we believe that good health should be accessible to all. Equisight is a non-profit company that produces a veterinarian-friendly device for in vivo imaging of the equine mouth. This device can obtain good quality images, is affordable, easy to use, comfortable for the horse, and capable of video streaming and digital storage. The ability to live-stream video, record video, and take photographs allow practitioners and teachers to educate clients and students on equine dental health.

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Almost 50% of Canadians are taking at least 1 medication, yet pharmacists and other healthcare providers struggle to find the time to properly follow up with patients starting new medications.

Our team was challenged to find a way to ensure that every person receives the appropriate follow-up when they start a new medication. We came up with MedChek, an SMS platform that sends automated messages directly to a patient's cell phone after they start a new medication. The patient is asked a series of questions to determine if there are any medication-related concerns. If a concern is identified using the clinical algorithm, the pharmacist is alerted and further follow-up is scheduled. This allows every patient to get a follow-up while allowing pharmacists to focus on patients that require additional attention.

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Diagnosing ear disease is notoriously challenging: primary care providers have less than 50% diagnostic accuracy, which can lead to mistreatment or inappropriate referrals. They cannot easily consult ear specialists, with ear doctor referral times being as long as 12 months. At OtoDx, we provide primary care providers with an ear diagnosis platform--including a digital ear scope, image recognition software, and eHealth consultations with ear doctors. This platform enables care providers to make more rapid and accurate diagnosis of ear disease, helping patients receive the care that they deserve.

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Salvida Tech

Team Members: Alexander Cobban, Andrei Nastase, Dion Kelly, Fernando Mejia, Jaime Martinez, Jian Liao, Kristina Komarek, Nilesh Sharma

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