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for brain science and mental health

Neurological and mental health disorders can be debilitating conditions that severely limit one’s quality of life and that of their family. Understanding, diagnosing, and treating these conditions are extremely complex challenges that require attention and collaboration across traditional disciplinary divides. Neuro Nexus is a Calgary-based, Spring 2019 multidisciplinary design competition that stemmed from the Innovation 4 Health Competition, but brings focus to the field of neurological and mental health. Neuro Nexus aims to bridge gaps between disciplines, accelerate research, and improve the translation of new ideas to impact.

Check out the 2020 Neuro Nexus Competition page here.

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Best Overall

RIC Technologies

Providing paramedics with a multi-limbed wireless device to mitigate the adverse effects of strokes.

Team: (from left) Ryan Rosentreter, Noam Anglo, Brittney Herrington, Dr. Aravind Ganesh, Maliyat Noor and Kyle Guild

Best in Category:
Data Analytics


Carelytic allows caregivers a way to simply track changes in behavior, medication, diet and aids in finding potentially clinically useful patterns with those who have dementia.


Best in Category:
Point of Care


SPIRAL is a revolutionary stroke diagnostic tool that significantly reduces the time to diagnose a stroke and unburdens clinicians from using clumsy software currently available on the market.


Best in Category: Research


Sensor driven data gathering of tics in people with tourettes to accurately gauge effectiveness of treatment.

People's Choice


Our system aims to give children with severe motor impairment the opportunity to bypass their disability to play video games using only their thoughts.

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